A Prototype for a Zero Carbon Emissions Office Building in St. Louis, MO.

Integrated Systems

Because architectural solutions greatly reduced HVAC loads, the team was able to design an in-slab radiant heating and cooling system that is integrated with an underfloor air distribution (UFAD) system. As the radiant heating and cooling system provides temperature control for the space, air handling systems are primarily providing only ventilation and thus are greatly downsized. 

The dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) air handling units include total energy recovery wheels as well as dehumidification and ventilation for building occupants. A demand control ventilation (DCV) system monitors and adjusts the volume of outside air introduced into the building based on demand. This reduces heating, cooling and dehumidification loads attributed to outdoor air. 

In addition to the DCV, building automation control strategies include photocell and occupancy sensor control of lighting and occupant control of plug loads. A raised floor provides complete flexibility for a multi-tenant layout. Manually operated windows allow for natural ventilation during the spring and fall shoulder seasons.


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